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Accreditation, the bodies involved and what is their standing in the industry.

There are 5
The Practitioner, The Regulator, The Trainer, The Trade bodies and the Accreditation agencies
Two of the key issues are:
What do they do? Who do they have a duty of care to?

1.The Practitioner

Needs no introduction. Every practitioner is, to some extent, influenced by the other 4 types of organisations
Duty of care: To their customer.

2. The Regulator

Many of the high profile and potentially high risk trades and industries have legally appointed Regulators with teeth.
The Financial Conduct Authority is an example of one such body. They are in place with the full weight and authority of the UK law behind them.
Many trades and practices do not have a Regulator, and the trades you are involved in have no formal Regulation.
Duty of care: To the buying public.
3 The Trainers

Just about every industry and trade have teaching bodies whose job it is to teach new comers and help existing practitioners stay on top of their subject.
Duty of care: To their students

4 Trade Bodies

These are organisation that take the side of the practitioners and promote their trade.
Duty of care: To practitioners

5 Accreditation

Agencies seek to provide information about their "accredited members".
Duty of care: To practitioners

From the above we can see that ONLY the Practitioner and the Regulator (if it exists) have a duty of care to the buying public
Trainers, Trade bodies and Accreditation bodies have a duty of care to their members (not the public)

The industry has NO Accreditation bodies officially approved by governmental or equivalent bodies.
Neither are there formally approved standard of teaching.

It follows therefore that the quality of service offered by any practitioner or training organisation rest upon the quality and experience of the organisation or practitioner providing the training or the service offered.
And if the trade is not formally regulated then ONLY the practitioner has the duty of care to the buying public.

This is why, when you choose a teacher make sure you check them out first, get recommendations and their credentials. Please bear in mind also there is no prescribed duration of the Course you are taking.



My Insurance Certificate


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About my experience and the Certificated Courses I teach.

I have taught since June 2007 and over this time things have changed. The method of teaching seems to be a bit more “ad lib” in its presentation, as long as the content has been strong and factual.
I teach very much on a intuitive level and feel that all our right decisions come from above so I always listen to what “they” have to say.

With all of the Courses I teach my goal is to make it affordable for everyone. I now have streamlined the Courses and taken all of the unnecessary content out of them to make it easy to learn the basics and all the other waffle that people put in to lengthen their courses to hype the price have gone. There is enough to remember that is important without adding “padding” and waffle.
I have made the prices of ALL my Courses affordable by all and learnable so they are achievable financially and at all levels of education. Not only this the courses are very practical based and there is a lot of “Hands on” work.
The other thing is you are drawn to the person that should teach you anyway!   

This is the first course I taught.
It was taught to me by a very intuitive teacher and the lineage her attunements came from was a very small line from source.
I teach Reiki 1, 2 and 3 which I have a great affinity for and believe in very strongly.

Chakra & Aura Balancing
This was taught to me by a lady who was one of the busiest therapists on the circuit. I was one of the first 3 she taught and she has taught scarce little since.
It is a very unique balancing technique which was devised by one of the most experienced dowsers in the world and her.
There are very few people performing this technique as I said she taught very few.

Intuitive Atlantian Crystal Healing
The lady that taught this was an amazing teacher. She allowed me to use the intuition in me and from a Crystal Healing Course which she taught me I have added the first two words (Intuitive and Atlantian) and adding an attunement to give this Course a very individual feel.

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